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Ojanko Arena

In Ojanko Arena you can train comfortably year-round

Ojanko Arena is a spacious and well-equipped agility hall in Vantaa where you can train in all kinds of dog sports. We have a total of 2700 square meters of floor space and 5 excellent courses for both training and competitions.

  • We have the only agility hall in the capital area which fits two competition-sized (800 square meters) agility courses.
  • Ojanko Arena is covered by flexible Unisport Saltex artificial turf, which gives a good grip for both paws and shoes.
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In cooperation with veterinary clinic Avec

Competition event livestreams

Field 1:

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Field 2:

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Our address is Pitkäsuonkuja 6, 01230 Vantaa. The road leading to the hall has a motorized gate. By locking the gate we aim to avoid possible vandalism in the area.

When you are driving in, the keypad to open the gate can be found at the right side of the gate. If you haven’t received a code for the gate, please contact one of the following:

When exiting, the gate will open automatically when you drive close enough (about 5 meters from the gate). Please make sure that the gate closes after you!

During prime time hours the gate is programmed to remain open.

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Pleasant spaces and environment

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Ojanko Arena has a 40-seat cantine and a well-equipped kitchen, which can be used in events.

Toilet facilities

Ojanko Arena has toilet facilities for people using the Arena.

Ojanko outdoor recreation area

The Arena is situated in the peaceful Ojanko outdoor recreation area. The hall is surrounded by large forests and the illuminated hiking paths of the Hakunila sports park, which provide versatile warm-up and cool-down opportunities both before and after training.

The owners of Ojanko Arena

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Ojanko Arena is owned by two registered associations: Hakunilan seudun koiraharrastajat (HSKH ry) and Border Agility Team (BAT ry).

Both are local associations that are focused on dog sports. HSKH has around 550 members and BAT around 200 members.

If you are interested in joining either association, ask about membership application on their websites.

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